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  • Discover ways to save your company/government millions in lost revenue or tax/customs.
  • Stop unnecessary environmental damage caused by careless, illegal handling of oil & fuel.
  • Divert funding away from criminal and terrorist gangs.
  • End the willful ignorance of the industry and stop those who are complicit in the crime.

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Oil & Fuel Theft - Global Report 2018

Global oil and fuel theft is an underreported and relatively unexplored issue, but it is one that is causing untold threat to local and regional prosperity and stability.This report explores oil and fuel theft in Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Mozambique, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Russia, Turkey and the European Union. Looking at how the problem has manifested itself and the extent to which combative strategies can be successful in reducing the issue. 

Terrorism, Tapping and Transnational Crime: An Insight into Iraq’s Illegal Oil Activity

In the lead up to their participation in the inaugural Oil & Fuel Theft Conference, Oil & Gas IQ spoke exclusively to General Mahmoud Al-Bayati, Former Director General, Counter-Terrorism and National Security Advisor, Iraq and Ali Younes, Regional Advisor, Terrorism Prevention Branch, Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa, UNODC about the challenges of illegal oil production and smuggling in the country since the advent of ISIL in Iraq. 

Case Study: Fuel Theft and Smuggling in the Philippines

Ahead of his participation in the inaugural Oil & Fuel Theft Conference, Oil & Gas IQ spoke exclusively to Hon. Congressman Dakila Cua, Member House of Representatives & Chairman House Committee on Ways & Means, Republic of Philippines about the challenges of illicit fuel activity and its consequences on government revenues and organized crime in the nation.